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Aubrey BleuAubrey Bleu

I was provide a different technique and perspective on interviewing. After my first session I honestly learned so much. Understand Speaking it real is not just a catchy line but is how Carl deliver his message to me. I feel so much better and confident in my ability and I'm looking forward to more ways to enhance my skills with Carl.

Dave NelsonDave Nelson

If you are looking for someone who is honest, direct, and can relate to younger people you need to look no further. Mr. Stafford's inspiring approach connected with my students. It was refreshing for (students) to hear stories from someone who came from a similar background and could relate to what they are, were and will struggle with. I appreciate the time and most importantly is ability to listen to his audience and not at them, but too them.

Damion Dashon CooperDamion Dashon Cooper

We had the great privilege to have Mr. Carl Stafford come and speak to our students at GracePointe Community Church. Carl is not only inspiring, but he also is very knowledgeable with the material and content he covers. Carl's session was detailed, informative and as well fun! He not only made an impact on those students that day. But there are ongoing conversations about the material we cover within parents and students! Mr. Stafford is going to give you his BEST every time and we were able to bring in one of the top speakers in Nation! He keeps it real, and that's what makes the difference in the lives! Thank you Mr. Carl for coming and allowing our students see from a different perspective!

Heather AbneyHeather Abney

Mr Stafford came to Truman high school to speak with our CASE club members about social activism. He did an amazing job speaking with them and more importantly inspiring them to find ways to be engaged in our school community and to start making a difference. I cannot wait to have him back to speak with more of our students. Thank you so much Mr. Stafford!!

Alisa StaffordAlisa Stafford

I would like to thank my nephew for his skills in improving my resume to help me receive my new job and new adventure Carl Stafford

Mitchell PritchardMitchell Pritchard

Carl has been and still is one of my biggest inspirations in life and his workshop is nothing short of that. He truly cares how well you do and you can tell he wants you to improve. His workshop is a very personal one-on-one experience that makes you push yourself beyond what you believed you could do. All while keeping it enjoyable and meaningful. Absolutely recommend.

Carrie RawsonCarrie Rawson

I was referred to Carl by my academic advisor at NWMSU when I was looking for a keynote speaker for the MACURH 2016 conference being hosted on our campus. I am so glad that I was put into contact with Carl because he did an amazing job as our opening keynote speaker. He had to speak in front of a 400+ person audience and he was very inspiring! I would definitely love to work with Carl again!

Scott WilsonScott Wilson

Carl did a workshop for high school students at our summer day camp program. He is an engaging, entertaining, and thoughtful speaker who connects with students in a very real way. His knowledge and practicality on thoughtful, meaningful communication was on point, and valuable for each of our students as they communicate in their current context of school and personal relationships, as well as their future contexts of higher education and employment.

Darnell-Sherell HillDarnell-Sherell Hill

I invited Mr. Strafford to a Jackson County Family Court Youth graduation as the keynote speaker. Mr. Strafford presentation and speech was very electrifying and full of Passion. He is a vibrant speaker who has the ability to motivate, challenge, and inspire people from all walks of life. Carl Stafford is a game changer at your next big event. I recommend him for any event and public speaking workshops.

Theodore GoeringTheodore Goering

I recently attended the "Speaking It Real" seminar and found it well presented and informative. This program would be helpful in any career service, and should be a part of every high school curriculum.

Joyce GoeringJoyce Goering

I attended this workshop and learned a lot. Carl is an excellent, enthusiastic speaker and very knowledgeable of the contents being presented. This workshop gave me the tools and confidence I need if I decide to pursue new endeavors in my life. I would highly recommend Carl to anyone seeking new employment, preparing for speeches, or wanting to improve their communication skills.

Brooke KilloughBrooke Killough

Angela RogersAngela RogersFamilies Making Connections

I was needing advice and help with writing letter . It had been over 20 years since I had wrote a paper. It was due in three days. Carl stepped right in and did an awesome job with helping me put my thoughts together, proofread and redo the whole paper. The paper was completed in two days. With his help.

Marcus Thornton

Carl’s expertise actually allowed me to take a step back and relax that I was in good hands. He is very understanding and does work for an amazing price.

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